Is Your Accounting Business Facing These Challenges?

The accounting industry has evolved, globalised, and has become highly competitive. To sustain in this ever-changing business environment, it is essential to address these following challenges.

Influence of Excessive Competition

Competition has increased manifolds. Clients are now demanding more value for money and there is the need to find the right strategies to gain competitive edge and survive, or face the likelihood of being forced out of the market.

Low Capacity to Upscale

Time is money. But in contradiction, accountants find themselves spending a lot of time on routine compliance tasks; time which could have been used to focus on more value-adding projects. The lack of time and resources make it hard to scale the business.

Lack of quality staff

The hunt for talent is a challenge. The ongoing skilled shortage in the sector affects the ability of the business to grow.

We have the solutions

Outsourcing your accounting and compliance services to KAR would solve all your issues.

  • Let our team of experienced accountants take care of all the low-margin work, whilst you strategise and plan the means of enhancing the potential of your business, the most cost-effective way.
  • Your association with KAR will allow your business to shift from a ‘’compliance’’ model to an ‘’advisory’’ model.
  • Did you know that outsourcing to us can save you ⅔ of the money that you are spending right now on staff costs?
  • Our seamless work-flow process allows an efficient and a trust-worthy coordination that allow us to deliver quality service.

Why Choose Us

Trained and Qualified Accountants

Highly Credible Team

10 Years of Australian Experience

Proficiency in leading accounting softwares

No hidden costs

100% Flexible

Total client confidentiality

KAR has an edge over the usual BPOs

  • Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in Australian tax laws, having had real work experience in Australian practices.
  • We are experts in Xero, the favorite accounting software of Australian practices.
  • We are flexible and you can hire us only when needed, relieving you from fixed staff costs during off-peak seasons.
  • Forget recruitment fees and ongoing seat fees, there are no hidden costs.
  • Our team is trust-worthy and reliable in every sense, and we work to achieve client satisfaction.

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